Masterpiece of the great artist of Flemish origin, this huge and marvelous statue is exhibited in the LOGGIA della SIGNORIA in Florence. Also known as “The three ages of man”, this marble group, sculpted in a single block in 1589, is a little emblem of ITALIAN MANIERISM. The spiral shape and the different relief depth allow to admire the beauty of the Opera from multiple angles.

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They are part of the delegation from China that will support the medical authorities in the fight against Sars-Cov-2: “In these first days of stay in the capital we will meet with doctors, researchers, nurses from the various hospitals in the city. Then we will go to the North. based on the first evaluations, there are attitudes to improve: not all those we are seeing on the street wear masks or wear them correctly. We must then open the windows and avoid crowds. Only if everyone rigorously respects these indications on 3 April we could get out of it “, they commented.

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